W brunch November 2017

The first W brunch this year! And since the revamp, we were totes excited. I’d never been to a brunch at the W before but had one time accidentally walked in on one whilst on a date… it looked amazing, pulling music, dimmer lights! However I had to make a quick dash as it was slightly awkward, especially as everyone I seemed to Instagram know was in there and ever since then I’ve been dying for them to bring it back.

fast forward a few years later and low and behold, the day I’m looking for a brunch for my friend and I they’re bringing it back!

Now when I say brunch I mean anywhere that I can pay a set price for unlimited food and of course drink.

The menu looked fantastic and at a price of only £45 each we were on to a winner!

table booked for 2pm (2 hours of serious drinking time before the cut off of 4) we were half an hour late. I tried to call ahead to let them know, incase our table was released s but getting hold of anyone at the hotel seems to be impossible!

When we did finally arrive, we realised the lateness wasn’t really an issue as it was dead… we could have turned up with no reservation. Now this could be because it was their first one?

We weren’t really greeted and didn’t have anything explained to us so initially it was quite awkward… where do we get the prosecco from? Do we help ourselves to the food? Where’s the prosecco? Kind of thing.

The soread was lovely. Small bowls of different salads, Caesar, barata, beetroot, quinoa. Antipasti, smoothies… it wasn’t over whelming and initially I was a little bit “where’s the rest?” But started with that and worked on the prosecco. After a while, which I think was a little too long of a while, the very charming waiters came around with hot food. Mini burgers, pork, pastas bravas, was all DELICIOUS! By the time it had come I was slightly fully and a little tipsy so not as interested as I’d have been when I first arrived.

overall this was quite a relaxed athmosphere, it’s a day brunch more than an evening brunch.  A place you could take you’re family if they’re visiting for the weekend, or with the girls on a “what shall we do Sunday” but not somewhere I’d go for a birthday or take my single friends too etc. Perhaps as more people find out about it it’ll get busier, and hopefully the music louder.


great price £45pp (plus service)

quick to top up on the prosecco

lovely food and staff

they were happy for us to sit in the bar once we had finished, and we weren’t asked once to buy another drink… perhaps they thought it was best we didn’t!

Venue 5*


we didn’t know about the hot food until after a good 45 mins of being there